Our expertise and service for you!

1.Arrangement and sales of international air tickets

Since we are a member of The International Air Transport Association(IATA),we have access to the major airlines of the world,such as American Air,Delta Air,British Airways,Air France and Lufthansa,only to mention a few.Thereby,we can provide you with tickets to all destinations worldwide.

We also offer full service for travel connections and cheap connecting flights overseas,e.g.within Europe,America or Southeast Asia.Inaddition,we give advice to customers who only wish a one-way trip to find the most reasonable solution.For instance,buying a roundtrip tickets is often cheaper ーyou might use only one way of such a ticket.

We always provide you with the economically best price!

2. Air tickets within Japan

If you are in Japan and book until ten ten days before leaving,we can offer you a special packageー a ticket+one free hotel overnight stay.Of course,we provide you also with any cheap flight connection within in Japan.

3.Hotel reservation service

Any hotel you would like to stayーwe will book it for you,both in Japan and overseas. The esay wayーyou will receive a coupon of the hotel booked and you don't need to look for a hotel during your trip. If you have any wish that you want to tell us, please click here[Link to both contact form and company address with phone number and email]

4. Railway connection and ticket booking service

For foreigners coming to Japan as a tourist,we can arrange a discount rail pass for all over the countryーThe Japan Railpass(available for either one,two or three weeks).For any of our customers,we can arrange any individual train connection as well.